ulrik munther as sam temple // lee hi as astrid ellison // aramis knight as quinn gaither // brennan mejia as edilio escobar // daniel lachapelle as little pete // kelsey chow as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // tye sheridan as drake merwin // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // odeya rush as mary terrafino // china anne mcclain as dahra baidoo // ellie darcey alden as brianna “the breeze” // nyasha matonhodze as dekka talent // bae suzy as taylor // cameron boyce as howard // jake neayem as “orc” // cierra ramirez as “bouncing” bette

GONE character alignments (ft. Booboo Stewart as Edilio Escobar & Amber Midthunder as Lana Arwen Lazar)

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I am not a woman. [insp.]

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I'm also really sad that Light is behind us ;( I just wish that either MG would write one more book (maybe bring Brianna back to life while he's at it) or the TV show would get done.

I would do SO MUCH for another book in the series, like, post-fayz, pre-fayz, anything I can get tbh. I’m also really rooting for the TV show!! it’s taking forever but they always do, I guess. 

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Is this blog still active?

Yes! or at least, in the sense that I reblog things when I come across them, and occasionally still make things. there’s just less to reblog these days, now that light is over a year behind us. :(

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GONE international covers

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this place is too sad - a gone mix



because fear wasn’t about what made sense. fear was about possibilities. not things that happened. things that might.

closer - kings of leon // square one - coldplay // perfect darkness - fink // breezeblocks - alt-j // human - ellie goulding // devil’s in the detail - the hoosiers // staying up - the neighbourhood // your biggest mistake - ellie goulding // late night - foals // youth - daughter

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GTKM meme: {1/5} favourite female characters» LANA ARWEN LAZAR

Human. Go to Darkness

Coyote. Go to hell!