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"We’ve done something none of our parents have even come close to. We didn’t take over their boring world; we took over a world about a thousand times tougher. If we walk out of this alive, we won’t have to bow our heads to anyone. There’ll be guys who were in wars hearing what we did and thinking, ‘Whoa.’ You and me, we can say, ‘You got yourself some medals, solider? Yeah, well, I lived through the FAYZ.’" -LIGHT, GONE series

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open up your murder eyes | “i’ve gone one-on-one with the gaiaphage. he could teach you a few things." | art source

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Book covers come to life:
by Michael Grant » Gone

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ulrik munther as sam temple // lee hi as astrid ellison // aramis knight as quinn gaither // brennan mejia as edilio escobar // daniel lachapelle as little pete // kelsey chow as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // tye sheridan as drake merwin // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // odeya rush as mary terrafino // china anne mcclain as dahra baidoo // ellie darcey alden as brianna “the breeze” // nyasha matonhodze as dekka talent // bae suzy as taylor // cameron boyce as howard // jake neayem as “orc” // cierra ramirez as “bouncing” bette

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GONE character alignments (ft. Booboo Stewart as Edilio Escobar & Amber Midthunder as Lana Arwen Lazar)

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I am not a woman. [insp.]

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I'm also really sad that Light is behind us ;( I just wish that either MG would write one more book (maybe bring Brianna back to life while he's at it) or the TV show would get done.

I would do SO MUCH for another book in the series, like, post-fayz, pre-fayz, anything I can get tbh. I’m also really rooting for the TV show!! it’s taking forever but they always do, I guess. 

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Is this blog still active?

Yes! or at least, in the sense that I reblog things when I come across them, and occasionally still make things. there’s just less to reblog these days, now that light is over a year behind us. :(

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