GONE international covers

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this place is too sad - a gone mix



because fear wasn’t about what made sense. fear was about possibilities. not things that happened. things that might.

closer - kings of leon // square one - coldplay // perfect darkness - fink // breezeblocks - alt-j // human - ellie goulding // devil’s in the detail - the hoosiers // staying up - the neighbourhood // your biggest mistake - ellie goulding // late night - foals // youth - daughter

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GTKM meme: {1/5} favourite female characters» LANA ARWEN LAZAR

Human. Go to Darkness

Coyote. Go to hell!


"You know how many there are of me, Sam?" Gaia held up one finger. "One. Just one. I am the first and only like me. I am unique in the universe. Your friends? There are billions just like them.

There’s no one like any of them," Sam said. "I doubt you can understand.”


I drew my own idea of Sam Temple from Michael Grant’s Gone series.

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favourite fayzians

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emoji fayzians 3/3